About Us

Hire For Jobs is Nigeria’s first Public Resume Bank. The website, www.hireforjobs.net, is created to give users access to genuine non-tailored and verified resumes from people all over Nigeria. Ideal for interns, fresh graduates or already employed personnel, blue-collar, white-collar – part-time or full-time - the site allows employers to post job openings and prospective employees to showcase their skills, experience and qualifications.

Employer Benefits
For the employers, Hire For Jobs allows for discreet engagement with resumes from the public which helps to reduce the time associated with gathering these material from people. This will ultimately to put an end to unsolicited emails from unqualified candidates and spammers. It also helps employers avoid false resumes that are tailored to meet their job adverts. Furthermore, employers will get direct access to candidates for pre-screening and job interview processes.

Job Seekers
For would be employees, the site offers a unique user experience by giving candidates an opportunity to showcase their experience, skills and qualifications to interested employers. Hire For Jobs helps candidates avoid the cumbersome rituals or re-applying for jobs every other day. Additionally, this offers a perfect platform for already employed people who do not have the time to apply and reapply for jobs (even though they may want a change of environment) to get approached by other companies.

Hire For Jobs promotes unbiased employment leading job seekers to be screened on several criteria: skills, qualifications, location and experience.

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